created by Jim Whaley

Emri Arrojado was a smart young girl, though a bit on the hot-headed side. Expelled from school just weeks before graduation, she stumbled upon a magical talisman that gave her one wish to change her life. Unfortunately, she didn't phrase her wish quite right.

Now, she wanders through the world, trapped in a body that isn't hers. Her persistent companions--her best friends Kouen and Shiro--follow her as she searches for a way to cope with her new self and find some way to restore her original form. Through hardships, reunions and new acquaintances, all three will come to realize that change is always for the better.

Unfamiliar Reflection began in the first months of 2001 as a new comic project inspired by the anime and manga art style and method of story structure. Rather than action-driven plotlines, I was intrigued by plots of a primarily personal and emotional nature. Shows like Kare Kano, for example, influenced me to delve into three-dimensional character development. Cowboy Bebop inspired me to plan a limited series with character arcs while maintaining a largely stand-alone story format. Slayers proved to me how much I loved the concept of an ever-shifting plane of action, as the characters hopped from one town to the next, meeting new people and problems as they went. These were the primary influences of Unfamiliar Reflection, my first dramatic series. Since that time I have seen much more anime and have come to embrace a style of my own; art and storytelling that has both American and Asian influences.

Thank you for reading Unfamilar Reflection. I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoyed making it.



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