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The Re<Verse is a fictional universe Catomix created for a series called Unfamiliar Reflection. As more series were built into this universe it was given its own name, shortened down from “The Reflection Universe.” The planet in the Re<Verse is called Earth, just like ours, however the two Earths have many differences.

The Re<Verse contains supernatural phenomena including mythical beasts and the use of magic. However, most of the population is unaware of these things and consider life in their world very similar to life in ours. Entire cities have been constructed with technology mirroring our year 1980 A.D., though by their calendar it is the year 1022 C.E. (Common Era) as of the 1st issue of Unfamiliar Reflection.

Series that take place in the Re<Verse include Unfamiliar Reflection, Seven to Seven and Urgent Transformation Crisis.


More categories will be added as the series progresses.


Re<Verse Earth's main continent is enormous, covering nearly a fifth of the planet’s surface. This is known as the Superior Continent, and all action so far in any Catomix Re<Verse series has happened here.

The eastern side of the continent is divided into provinces, which are considered here to be loosely bordered areas containing multiple cities, villages and townships. Unfamiliar Reflection takes place within one such province.

The western side of the continent is less sternly organized. It is assumed that human life on Superior Continent began here and slowly migrated to the east and south. The level of technology and way of life progresses at a slower pace because of its depleted resources from millennia of farming and mining. Constant warfare is also a factor of their current state, which mirrors our Europe of the 1500s. Many parts of the land remain in kingdoms and free townships.


In Unfamiliar Reflection #6, it is established that June 13, 1022 is a Monday. Seven to Seven’s January 19, 1023 is also a Monday. Going by our world’s yearly organization, this is an impossible occurrence. Hence, the Re<Verse has a slightly altered calendar of days. The following discrepancies in the Re<Verse Earth calendar are:

    1. A full revolution around the sun takes exactly 371 days. There is no need for a leap-year.
    2. Every month has 31 days except for February, which has 30.
    3. The Re<Verse calendar has a year 0.


The Eastern shore of the Superior Continent was fortunate to have innovative minds and unique building materials. Their technological expansion has blossomed in the final century of the first millennium. Technology enjoyed by many Easterners includes:

    Television and Radio
    1980's-level computing technology
    Electricity, plumbing, etc

Still, they have yet to discover the luxuries of things such as aviation and the Internet.



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