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Now, before you start calling me George Lucas, hear me out. When I made the first issue of Reflection back in 2001, my art was not as good and there were several errors in the story that couldn't possibly match up to continuity. When I re-released the issue in 2003 (re-numbered 1R for "Revised edition"), I went back and changed some text and a small bit of art to make everything right. The art, however, was noticeably worse than later issues. While I was dissatisfied with this, I didn't change any "bad" art for cosmetic reasons because at the time, I felt like if I did, I'd end up redrawing half the issue. Now that UR is coming out on-line, I'm going back again and correcting a few things that I consider major detriments to the work as a whole. How is this different from George Lucas? He took a great thing and made it worse. I'm taking some of the crappiest bits of UR and making them BETTER. If you're a purist at heart, I've taken the time to painstakingly explain EVERY modification I've made to Unfamiliar Reflection, both from the 1R revision and the on-line pages. This will be updated as I continue to upload pages to the site. Please note all changes marked are based on the unedited versions of every issue. (Issues 1 and 4 first ran with a special edited edition for the youngsters.)

FINAL UPDATE: 08-04-07

Blue text notes changes made between original printing of issue 1 and the revised edition from 2003.
Black text notes changes made specifically to the on-line version.

- Various dust and debris were cleaned up for most of the pages in the on-line version.
- At the top of every page there is an attached white banner displaying the title of the series with issue and page numbers, as well as a copyright notice.
- The final page of every issue has new text inserted with issue number, issue title and the word "END." The original issues had full-page titles with credits. Since that method only worked for the physical issues, the on-line version needed a different way of letting the readers know when each issue was over.

I:01 - Narration reworded and changed from third person to Emri's first person. An ubiquitous narrator appearing in only the first issue of the series (and in issue 2 for just one panel) and disappearing forever didn't match very well. It was also more effective in communicating Emri's emotional turmoil to the reader.
I:01 - The stars inside the shadowed portion of the moons were removed. Seeing stars through them should have been impossible in the first place. Also, the halftoning of the trees was also cleaned up.
I:01 - Emri in panel 2 modified to remove the odd shape on the top of her head.
I:02 - More narration changed like on page 1.
I:02 - Emri's form modified. Her original bangs were a result of a change in character design between when she was drawn on page 2 and later in the issue when she is transformed. She also has her skirt grayscaled properly now.

I:03 - Alarm clock font in panels 1 and 2 changed to LcdD. Original Transistor font was no longer on my computer.
I:03 - "Click" effect in panel 2 changed to Courier New. Original font was lost.
I:03 - Emri says the day is "Saturday." This was changed to "Sunday" in order to fix the continuity error that appears later on page 11. (There Emri says the picnic happened "yesterday," but she said that on a school day.)
I:03 - Emri says she was supposed to bring the "snacks." This was changed to "drinks" because that's what you see on her counter.

I:03 - Emri's final word balloon changed from "I hope nobody notices me running out like this..." to "I hate rushing like this." Originally her character was vain as well as short-tempered, but even so, her sentence just sounded ridiculous.
I:05 - The old man says "withouts" in the original version. This was changed to "without" for the revised issue because the addition of unnecessary plurals to old people's sentences was an in-joke between friends and looked like a mistake to everyone else who read it.
I:05 - The sound effect fonts are different on this page because the original fonts were lost. This also goes for the on-line version, which has fonts that are different from both published versions of issue 1.
I:06 - "Clueless whore" changed to "Clueless old bitch." "Dumb woman" changed to "Damn woman."

I:07: - High school sign changed from hand-written wording to computer text.
I:07 - "Recent" removed from principal's sentence in panel 3. This was just to make the sentence read better.
I:08 - Principal's second word balloon changed. Was originally "The only reason you're still a student here at all is because of your high average, which will no doubt drop because of this incident anyway."
I:08 - The principal originally said he would discuss it with Emri's parents. The revised version says that this discussion already happened, and both the principal and Emri's own parents agree with the punishment.
I:09 - Shiro now specifically mentions that it was thanks to Emri that she got exempted from her chem final. This was to reinforce the backstory of Emri being Shiro's tutor.
I:09 - Shiro's "It's Friday!" changed to "It's three o'clock!" This was a continuity error, since Emri claims the weekend picnic happened "yesterday" on page 11. Emri even states in issue 6 that it was a Monday when she was transformed.
I:09 - Again, "Clueless whore" changed to "Clueless old bitch."
I:09 - The streaking between the two drawings of Kouen in the final panel is not a new addition; they've always been there. It's just that the physical issues were photocopies, which lost the light gray tones when they were made.
I:10 - Kouen's sentence in panel 6 fixed. The word "out" was missing from the original version. The font was also inconsistent, and that was fixed to match.
I:11 - Emri's line "Actually, I think it sounds gay" changed to "Actually, I think it sounds rediculously [sic] optimistic." I felt using the word "gay" in a negative fashion wasn't that good of an idea. Kouen's subsequent line changed from "Well, what else can you say about a beautiful location?" to a line that goes along with the optimistic/pessimistic angle. Emri's response, "How about 'This is a beautiful location'?" also changed for reasons that should now seem obvious.
I:11 - Emri's "rediculously" corrected to "ridiculously."
I:14 - Shiro's wish for "A hundred thousand dollars" changed to "A hundred thousand gold." This is to reaffirm the establishment that Gold is the Re<Verse's form of currency later in the series.
I:15 - Most of the text on this page was reduced to fit with the standard font size used in the rest of the issue.
I:16 - The drawing of Emri in panel 3 is redone. The art was just awful; the proportions were far off. The new drawing also took into consideration the new art on page 17, where Emri's new form is revealed. Now it is very easy to tell her forms apart simply by comparing these two images.
I:16 - "KRAK" effect font in panel 4 changed to Badaboom. Original font was lost.
I:17 - The first picture of newly-transformed Emri has been re-drawn. When many people first read this, they couldn't tell from my poor art that Emri looked any different.
I:19 - The question marks in panel 3 were changed to Courier New because the original font had been lost. Tired of hearing this explanation yet?
I:23 - In panel 5, a persistent typo that appeared in both published versions has finally been fixed: "Shrio?" changed to "Shiro?"
I:25 - Emri's eye in third panel redrawn. The original was way too large for its own good.
I:25 - Narration changed from third person to Emri's first person, just as it was on pages 1 and 2.
I:26 - More narration changed.

II:02 - The signs for Kenshin Wok and Snicker Snack's Eatery were changed to FeltTip because the original fonts were lost.
II:02 - Shiro's ring has been drawn onto her left hand in all three instances. This was a constant problem throughout the series. The ring only seemed to appear on her finger whenever it was directly mentioned.
II:03 - Added Shiro's ring to her hand in the final panel.
II:05 - Sanosuke's hair is now more detailed. When I first threw him in as a cameo (by a friend's request) I hadn't even seen Rurouni Kenshin. Now that I know more about him, I fixed that up. I also darkened his headband.
II:05 - "PLOP!" changed to a different font because the original was lost.
II:07 - The art has been darkened. A scanning error of the original lineart made flat-toned images in the original print.
II:07 - Shiro's second word balloon's arrow is now angled toward her. Before it was pointed more in the direction of Kouen's mouth, causing obvious confusion.
II:07 - The "shink" sound effect changed to Edible Pet II. The original font was lost.
II:08 - Kouen's "Ha! Got him!" was moved farther to the right because it was sticking into the page margin that existed in the printed book.
II:08 - All of the floating narration was moved in closer to the center of the page to make a nicer composition. Also because some of the letters bled into the margin.
II:09 - The triple balloon in the final panel was moved to the right because it was sticking too far into the nonexistent margin.
II:10 - Emri's word balloons in panels 1 and 3 are moved closer to her head. Kouen's "Stop that thief!" is moved closer to his head. I really miss those comic book margins.
II:12 - Akarago's first word balloon was moved from his left to his right because there wasn't enough space. In the printed issue the balloon just bled beyond the image boundary into the margin, but here I didn't have that kind of luxury.
II:12 - "CRASH!" effect font changed to Badaboom because the original font was...say it with me now...LOST!.
II:12 - Quotation marks added to Emri saying "Father?!?" The word balloon was also widened slightly to fit it.
II:12 - Paapuru's line "I thought you begged, and scavenged!" changed to "I thought you just went out and pan-handled!" to make it sound slightly less pathetic. This balloon was also moved closer to her head, since it suffered the same margin bleed that Akarago's did in the first panel.
II:13 - Emri's eyes were adjusted in panel 5. The eyes were drastically different in size before.
II:14 - The word balloons in panel 2 were shifted to the right and Emri's was shrunk down. This was another case of margin-bleed.

III:02 - Shiro's ring added to her hand in panel 2.
III:03 - Kouen and Emri's sighs were changed to Edible Pet II because the original font was lost.
III:03 - Added Shiro's ring to her hand in the final panel.
III:05 - Kouen's balloons in panel 2 were moved to his right because one fell into the margin. The "But--" didn't go over, but I moved it closer to Emri's interruption to make the dialogue flow better.
III:12 - A failure to correct the proper black/white contrast levels resulted in pages 12 and 13 of the original issue to have gray lineart instead of black. The mistake became very apparent once true blacks were inserted during the Photoshop phase of page construction. I've rescanned the master drawings and overlayed the lineart in true black.
III:13 - The lineart on this page was fixed the same way as it was on page 12.

IV:C - Emri's word balloon changed from "And what are we, chopped liver?" to "What, are we supporting characters now?" There's already a chopped liver joke on page two, and it was funnier, so this one had to go.
IV:01 - Establishing panel of Blue Springs now has people walking on the sidewalk and vehicles traveling on Broadway. It looked like a ghost town before.
IV:01 - "Add-A-Ron Dak Trust" sign changed to "Blue Springs Trust." The original "funny" name was just. Not. Funny. At. All.
IV:01 - Kouen's word balloons in panels 2 and 4 were moved slightly to the left so they would not be cut off during the conversion to digital pages.
IV:02 - Kouen's neck was accidentally halftoned the same shade as his hair. This has been removed.
IV:07 - LBSJ's three-part balloon has been moved way to the left because the third bubble was out in the margin. Shiro's thought balloon of the class president has been shifted over as well to make room for it.
IV:07 - The "TRANSFORM!" explosion's font has been changed because the original font was lost.
IV:08 - Lukeman's first balloon in panel 3 was shifted to the right a bit because it was another one of those pesky margin-huggers.
IV:09 - Emri's balloon in panel 5 has been raised and shifted out of the margin.
IV:11 - Kouen's balloon in panel 2 has been flattened out. It was way too tall for the panel before. Also, BBSJ's balloon in panel 3 and CC's balloon in panel 5 have been moved to the right somewhat.
IV:15 - I went back to the original paper and inked over the pencils of the parting shot of the school. The way they were originally scanned in was just awful, you couldn't see anything, and I'm pretty upset that I actually let that go to print the first time.
IV:15 - Credits were added below the page to fulfil my legal obligation to acknowledge the creators of the guest characters.

V:01 - The establishing shot of Yellow Village has been inked and detailed to replace the very poor original pencil drawing.
V:01 - The finished Illustrator file of this page was accidentally written over shortly after the original pressing of the issue. It has been recreated for the Internet version. The placement and emphasized words of her voice-over boxes have been slightly modified during the reconstruction.
V:03 - Shiro's ring has been added to her hand in panels 1, 2 and 4.
V:03 - Shiro's "sigh" removed from her word balloon in panel 2.
V:04 - Shiro's third narration box in panel 3 was moved to the right and out of the margin, which ceased to exist when the on-line conversion was made. Emri's double-balloon in panel 3 was moved slightly to the left, and the three balloons on the right side of panel 5 were all moved to the left.
V:05 - Fixed Kouen's fist in panel 1. The original drawing had several stray marks that had been accidentally left in when the issue went to press.
V:05 - Redrew Kouen's chin in panel 2 to make it more on-model.
V:06 - Kouen's "YES!" in the final panel was shifted slightly left and into his eye to keep it out of the chopped-off margin.
V:07 - Cleaned up the action lines in panel 1.
V:07 - Downsized Ploo's gut in the bottom panel to match Hisu's dialogue.
V:08 - The most radical change in this issue (and possibly the entire series) is that Midoriiro's name has been changed to Hisu. "Midoriiro" was just too difficult to work with. They both have a close meaning in their Japanese contexts, however: Midoriiro means "green" and Hisui means "jade."
V:09 - Odd knuckles on Shiro's right hand in panel 1 have been removed to make it look slightly less grotesque.
V:11 - Added halftoning to Kouen's pants in panel 2. They were inexplicably white before.
V:11 - The flame sound effect was changed to a different font because the original font was lost.
V:12 - The flame sound effects were changed the same way as on page 11.
V:12 - The original issue had a blank cover to the comic Shiro was reading, but it still had the Unfamiliar Reflection logo on it and trade dress marking it as the fifth issue. Now it has the real cover to the fifth issue.

VI:02 - Blackened Kouen's hair in the final panel.
VI:03 - Added Shiro's ring to her hand in panel 3.
VI:04 - Added Shiro's ring to her hand in panel 2.
VI:08 - Estrella's balloon in panel 6 was moved to the left to keep it out of the margin. Unfortunately it now butts too close against her head, but that can't be helped.
VI:10 - The font for Little Wang's Chinese Buffet was changed to Marigold because the original font was lost.
VI:10 - The windows of the White City Motel have been adjusted so that they aren't abnormally huge and close together. Some of the windows have also been dimmed, since it's unrealistic for every single light in the hotel to be on at the same time.
VI:10 - Madame Estrella's line about the talisman's power has been corrected. Instead of saying "infinitesimal," which means infinitely SMALL, she says "nearly infinite."

2K2:07 - A line was added to Emri's non-ballooned line in panel 3 to make it clear it's her who is speaking. Another line was added to my line in panel 4 for the same reason.

VII:02 - The font for "Clik" was changed to Edible Pet II because the original font was lost.
VII:02 - Added Shiro's ring to her hand on panel 3. I figure she would sleep with it since it's so important to her.
VII:06 - This is not the original page six. While it appeared in the script, this page was omitted from the original printed issue to keep the issue at 14 pages. This page was drawn and finished in January 2007, four and a half years after the issue first appeared.
VII:07 - This, and every subsequent page, were pushed back because of the insertion of the new page six. Emri's first word balloon was in the script, but taken out of the original issue because its context (from the removed page) was gone.
VII:12 - The sound effect of Souzoku sheathing his sword was changed because the old font was lost.

VIII:05 - The Shenmue "Docks" have been renamed to "Piers" because that's what they really are. Docks are on the water. Piers have the warehouses that are seen in this issue.
VIII:05 - Souzoku's word balloon in panel 3 now has a pointer going off the page to make it obvious that it isn't Kouen speaking.
VIII:05 - The right inside shoulder of Kouen's vest is filled in with black where it was white before.
VIII:06 - Three more docks are now piers.
VIII:16 - Shiro's ring was added in the two panels where you can see her right hand.
VIII:16 - "PAK" changed to Arial Narrow because the original font was lost.
VIII:20 - "I had a dream" changed to "I had a good dream." This is something I wrestled with back when I first wrote the issue, and I regretted my decision to leave out "good" ever since. Nightmares are dreams, after all, and I want this line to actually mean something important has changed. So that's another mistake corrected.

IX:02 - Emri's eye in panel 1 was scaled down just a bit. It looked grotesquely large.
IX:03 - Emri's eyes in panel 2 were scaled down a bit because they, too, looked way too big.
IX:03 - The K-Kat sign on the back of the bus was changed to Franklin Gothic Demi because the original font was lost.
IX:04 - Added Shiro's ring to her hand in the final panel.
IX:07 - Kigara's balloon in panel 1 was shifted slightly to the right so it could be read, so now more of her head is being covered. (Most of the time, the reasons I dumped word balloons into the page margins was because I wanted to cover up as little art as possible.)
IX:07 - Added Shiro's ring to her hand in panel 4.
IX:10 - Kigara in panel 1 was completely re-drawn. The original pose was similar, but the placement of her hand next to her head looked very weird. It detracted from what she was saying, which was the most important part of the issue.
IX:10 - Emri's word balloon and the miscellaneous out-of-panel sounds were re-aranged to fit since the page margin is once again nonexistant.
IX:10 - The sound effect fonts in pannels three and four were changed to Blambot's Gorilla Milkshake because the original font was lost.

X:01 - Everything except for the final two panels are brand new material. The fight/sparring sequence was written to be longer in the original script, but it was chopped down so the final issue could fit the 14-page limit. I've gone back to the first draft of the script and put the entire sequence back in since this series really needed more action, and Souzoku never got enough screen time. The final two panels were originally the first two panels of page 1.
X:02 - Panels 3, 4 and 5 are new, continuing to extend the sparring sequence. All of the other panels were originally in the bottom half of page 1.
X:03 - This, and every subsequent page, were pushed back because of the insertion of the extended sparring sequence. This was page 2 of the original printed issue.
X:03 - Shiro's balloon in panel 3 was moved to the right to keep it from getting cut off after the margin was cropped out.
X:04 - Here, and everywhere he's mentioned in this issue, the name Hisu has replaced all instances of the name Midoriiro. (See the notes for issue 5.)
X:09 - Emri's first balloon in panel 1 was moved farther right so it wouldn't be cut off. Shiro's second balloon in panel 2 was moved farther to the left so it wouldn't be cut off.
X:11 - Kouen's balloon in panel 4 was moved and altered a bit to keep it out of the margin. This one was tough to move because there wasn't much room for it without covering up his face.
X:11 - Shiro's first balloon in panel 6 was moved to the right a bit, covering up part of her head.
X:11 - Hisu's balloon in panel 7 was moved to the left, same deal.
X:13 - Emri's "What" in panel 3 and Shiro's "It's lonely living like this" in panel 4 have been moved farther into the page so they wouldn't get cropped off. Now they're crowding their respective heads a little more, but at least you can read the words.
X:15 - Flopped the first panel so that Emri is putting the ring on her right hand instead of her left. In issues 11 and 12, the ring is on her right hand in a few key shots.

XI:C - Made a couple cosmetic changes to the cover. Four or five of the first printed covers had a red glow around Kaijin's fist. This glow didn't look that impressive. It was weeks later that I realized what I could have done to fix it. Now I've redone the glow, this time adding a white core. Emri's energy glow previously had a black core, and this is now white as well.
XI:02 - Emri's hand in panel 6 was redrawn. It still looks ugly, but at least it's less ugly.
XI:02 - Souzoku's word balloon in the last panel has been moved to the left out of the margin, covering his left arm.
XI:04 - Added Shiro's ring to Emri's hand in panels 6 and 7.
XI:05 - Added Shiro's ring ot Emri's hand in panels 1 and 3.
XI:05 - Added a question mark to Emri's "Who is this creep that took our picture" question.
XI:06 - Emri's balloon in panel 5 had to be moved slightly to the left to prevent it from getting cut off. This same panel had a grammar change: "You practically wear it on your sleeve" changed to "You practically wear them on your sleeve." ("Them" being Kouen's feelings, which are plural.) To fit the new, longer word the balloon had to be stretched longer.
XI:06 - The bottom two panels had to be shifted significantly because of Kouen's last, massive word balloon. Both panels were shifted to the left (there was no more room in panel 7 to fit Kouen's balloon). This opened a wide space at the far right to fit the balloon. Emri's balloon in panel 6 had to be moved above her and Kouen since its space on the left was pushed off the page.
XI:07 - Kouen's first word balloon had a black line dividing it from its pointer arm. The line has been removed.
XI:07 - Emri's face in panels 3 and 4 are blushing, but the way in which it was drawn made it look like her nose had a huge bruise on it. I redid the blushing marks.
XI:08 - Added Shiro's ring to Emri's hand in panel 1.

XII:02 - The title presentation was altered. Instead of the proper UR logo and my name credit, there are two lines of text saying "UNFAMILIAR REFLECTION / SERIES FINALE" above the title to the issue. The title itself was moved slightly to be more in sync with the composition of the image.
XII:02 - Kaijin's line "Emri is completely cut off from this world" changed to "Emri has been separated from this physical plane." I didn't like using "world" in both the title and the dialogue on the same page. It got a little repetitive.
XII:04 - "KLANG!" font changed because the original font was lost.
XII:08 - Kaijin's mouth was nudged up slightly and the dark part was colored in with black.
XII:09 - Kaijin's "You pain me, Emri" changed to "Disappointing." I just felt the original line was really, really lame in an issue already full of trite villain dialogue.
XII:11 - Emri's leftmost word balloons in panel 3 were nudged to the right so they wouldn't be chopped off when the margins were removed.
XII:16 - Emri's mouth in the first panel was enlarged to match the proportions.
XII:20 - Added blood to Kouen's head in the final panel where it was previously missing.



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