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(pronounced ehm-rEE ar-O-ha-dO)

(before transformation / after transformation)
AGE: 19 (18 at beginning of series)
EYES: pink / blue
HEIGHT: 5' 11" / 5' 9"
HAIR: blue / brown
BIRTHDAY: April 26, 1004

Emri Arrojado was born and raised in Violet Town. There she met her friends, Kouen and Shiro. She is an only child. At the beginning of the series, she is a senior at Violet Town High School.

Emri usually keeps a good work ethic and makes sure her grades stay above-average. However, she's not one to pass up the opportunity to have lunch in the park, which she and her friends do frequently. Unfortunately she is a poor planner, and usually can't keep her schedule straight.

Her short temper can be a problem as well. On bad days, she can be quite the loudmouth, and often says things she later regrets. When she mouths off to a hall monitor the week before final exams, she is suspended, and therefore will be unable to pass the year. This gets her temper flared to an unusual peak.

When a badly-worded wish gave her a brand new body, Emri ran away from home. What's stranger, the broken talisman that caused this transformation merged with her body. She found herself able to create lightning, fire, and other special powers. At first these only showed themselves whenever Emri became unbalanced, but lately she has begun to learn to use it at will.

Eventually, Emri's travels brought her to White City, where she met a gypsy woman who revealed that the magic she absorbed had the potential of going berserk and destroying the planet. She was also informed of a powerful being somewhere close by whom she could seek out in order to properly deal with her dangerous magic.


(Pronounced kO-en rik-EE-shEE)

AGE: 18
EYES: green
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
HAIR: black
BIRTHDAY: June 1, 1004

Kouen moved to Violet Town when he was three. At the start of the series, he is a graduating senior at Violet Town High School.

Kouen met Emri in third grade and soon became best friends. Though Kouen finds Emri's temper hard to handle, he sticks by her and does his best to help her out in tough situations. He is willing to sacrifice almost anything to aid his best friend. Kouen puts his sense of duty above all else, and sees to it that important tasks are carried out with precision and haste. Although not as smart as Emri, he carries a lot more tolerance, and can easily upstage her when given the chance.

He was involved in an incident in elementary school where Emri fell to serious injury. After keeping it a secret for years, he finally confessed that he played a role in it. Emri forgave him and their friendship has only grown stronger because of his honesty.

The gypsy woman ordered Kouen to kill Emri to prevent her magic from raging out of control. Kouen chose to help Emri deal with the magic, and possibly remove it from her body, rather than denying her the right to exist. He feels there is still hope for Emri to resist her apocalyptic fate, and he is determined to stand by her side and help her find it.


(Pronounced shEE-rO ku-rOi)

AGE: 18 (17 at beginning of series)
EYES: blue
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
HAIR: red
BIRTHDAY: October 13, 1004

Shiro's a girl with a big heart and a boy's name. (Don't ask.) She moved to Violet Town in the seventh grade. Shiro is naturally a poor scholar. However, her unusually intuitive brain pokes through at times. Her mother signed her up for a tutorship program in eighth grade. There she met Emri.

What she had never told her friends is the fact that her father abandoned her and her mother before they moved to Violet Town. Since then, she had a reocurring dream where she relived the last moments she saw her father. After having this dream every single night for eight years, she was finally reunited with her father on her journey through the continent. Unfortunately, he was shot and killed in front of her by the mob organization he was affiliated with. Knowing he has found his peace, Shiro finally found hers, and she no longer has her nightmares.

Despite her past, or rather because of it, Shiro keeps a very light-hearted attitude. Whenever there is tension, Shiro will be there to break it. Wherever there is candy and ice cream, Shiro will be there to eat it. Wherever there is a confusing plot point, Shiro will be there to give a quick--yet detailed and fully accurate--analysis.

Shiro feels she owes an important debt to Emri because of her tutoring. However, she looks at Emri not as a teacher, but as an older sister. Her undying loyalty to Emri displays the strength of her character.

She has become very good friends with Hisu, whom she met twice during her journey. Shiro decided to return home to Violet Town and her mother, wishing Emri luck and making her promise to come back after she restores her original body. She regularly travels to the neighboring town of Greene to see Hisu whenever she can.


(Pronounced sO-zO-koo ah-jEE-nah)

AGE: mid 20's
EYES: brown
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
HAIR: brown

Not much is known about Souzoku, and he'd prefer it stayed that way. Apparently born and raised in the West, he has taken up a mercenary role in Nezumiiro Province. He claims to be working for a client who wants to keep an eye on Emri, and has been shadowing her for several months.

He finally revealed himself in White City, when Emri discovered the destructive nature of her powers. She finds him rude and annoying. Kouen sees him as a danger to Emri. Shrio thinks his cloak makes him look cool.

As the weeks have passed, Souzoku has been spending more and more time with Emri and Kouen, and has started to gain their acceptance.



Hisu and Ploo

(pronounced hEE-sOO)

AGE: 18 years
EYES: hazel
HEIGHT: 5’ 6”
HAIR: blond
BIRTHDAY: December 25, 1004


Hisu lived with his parents in Yellow Village. One day he found a stray dog on his doorstep and secretly cared for him for several days. He named the dog Ploo. During this time, he ran into Shiro. Meeting Hisu was the first exciting thing that had happened to Shiro during her three-month stay in the village, and she was very happy to meet him.

Hisu and Shiro were reunited after Hisu's family moved to Greene. Ploo had become ill, and Shiro convinced Emri to use her powers to cure him.

Hisu and Ploo

(Pronounced cOr-LEE)

AGE: 40 years as of February 1023
EYES: brown
HEIGHT: 5’ 4”
HAIR: dark brown


Corley owns a tavern in Yellow Village, and constantly buys drinks on the house expense for his friends. He prefers the most beautiful women, and dresses them “appropriately.” When he’s not drunk, he’s trying to find a way to get drunk. Emri worked for him as a barmaid.

Corley also made a cameo appearance in Seven to Seven: Twelve-Hour Shift, which takes place one month before the events of Unfamiliar Reflection #5.

Hisu and Ploo

(Pronounced eh-strAy-yah)

AGE: unknown
EYES: closed
HEIGHT: 5’ 4”
HAIR: silver


Madame Estrella operates a fortune business in the White City Bazzar. When she realizes Emri’s true power, she orders Kouen to kill her for the sake of humanity.



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