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"I've told you before not to call me that name."

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"My New Friend in Orange City"
Published August 2001
14 pages
Re<Verse date: June 15 1022

Emri, Kouen, and Shiro arrive at the first of many stops on their new adventure; Orange City. Emri, still in depression over her transformation, refuses to be called by her old name. She truly believes that everything about her is now completely different, including her name and friends. She runs into a homeless girl whose tale inspires Emri to come to terms with her own dilemma.

For details about what was changed for the on-line edition, go to the Revisions section.


  • "Paapuru" is "yellow" in Japanese.
  • "Akarago" is taken from the Japanese "akaragao," "red-faced".


  • Inside cover info box (first printing)-- Rurouni Kenshin was released in America years ago with the horrible name Samurai X.
  • Inside cover info box (second printing)-- Card Captor Sakura was released in America heavily edited with the horrible name Cardcaptors.
  • Inside cover info box (third printing)-- Weiß Kreuz was released in America with the not-really-horrible-but-still-not-the-original-name Night Hunters, though no content was altered. (And they did have the real name as a subtitle, so that's something.)
  • My friend Pat suggested the name "Snicker Snacks" for the restaurant.
  • The kanji alongside KEN-SHIN is the kanji for "Ken" and "Shin." (There were lots of Kenshin reffs in this issue for no apparent reason.)
  • The HG on Shiro's bag is the signature of the fictional manufacturer of her bag. It's a reference to the science fiction writer H.G. Wells.
  • Page 5, pannel 1:  The three figures on the left are Matt, Pat, and me, left to right. Pat wears a Rurouni Kenshin shirt, and to the right of us is Sanosuke from that series. (with the kanji character for "wicked" on the back of his shirt)
  • The Hoopla booth was in my school's production of the State Fair musical. I was involved on the set design of the musical at the time I worked on this issue. (But I did not design the booth itself, I only helped paint it.)
  • The kanji next to the Hoopla booth is the beginning of the Japanese title for Mobile Suit Gundam W. (Gundam Wing in the US)
  • My farewell "Be seeing you" (in the Reflections column) is a phrase spoken in the old TV series The Prisoner. I picked it up when I saw it referenced on the TV series ReBoot.
  • The Reflections column illustration is a spoof on Charlie's Angels.



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