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"He's gone. Nobody can touch him now."

"Out from the Nightmare"
Published November 2002
20 pages
Re<Verse date: March 20 & 21, 1023

Shiro's past is finally reconciled when she finds the father who abandoned her years ago.

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  • Shiro's ring is missing from her hand on the cover. It was left out because it proved too distracting.
  • This is the first time we see full moons in the Re<Verse.
  • Korosu's name comes from the Japanese "uchikorosu," "to shoot to death."
  • Again, we hear that Shiro's nonexistant knowledge of English is unusual in this bilingual region.
  • The man who shoots Korosu intended to subject Shiro to the nightmare of losing her father, which is actually what he's now prevented.
  • This is the first issue to be made simultaneously with the webcomic Evil Jim (which started in September 2002). Because of the demand of both productions, there was a four-month gap between issues eight and nine instead of the usual two months.


  • The Shenmue Docks:  In the video game Shenmue, Ryo goes to work at the local harbor moving crates from warehouse to warehouse.
  • The kanji used in this issue (seen all over the stores) either means "open" or "seafood."
  • "The Laughing Fish" was the title of an episode of the Batman animated series.
  • The Big Organization's abbreviation (as seen on the thugs' sleeves) is Big O, an anime.
  • The three thugs blast off into the sky in true Team Rocket fashion.



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