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"My first wish came true after all."

"Will You Still Be with Me At the End of the World?"
Published March 2004
26 pages
Re<Verse date: May 22, 1023

Trapped in Kaijin's vortex, Emri is forced to choose between omnipotence through armageddon or death. Meanwhile, Souzoku reveals himself to be a traitor and Kouen fights not only to defend himself, but to free Emri from Kaijin's grasp before their powers merge and the world is destroyed.

For details about what was changed for the on-line edition, go to the Revisions section.


  • The inside cover Cast Bios are replaced with a dedication.
  • The title and credits appear on page two. This is the only issue where they are listed in the body of the story and not in the back of the book. (In the on-line version, the credits are removed from page 2 but the title remains.)
  • Kaijin notes that Souzoku is limping on page 10. Originally there was a small scene extension after page 6 where Kouen, cowering against a tree, kicks Souzoku's kneecaps to get away. It was removed to help make it seem as if Souzoku had killed Kouen.
  • In the back of the book are two pages of "outtakes," written as if the comic were filmed like a TV show, with the writer/illustrator in the director's chair. These counted as pages 27 and 28 in the printed version, and thus the printed copy of issue 12 is billed as having 28 pages.
  • The map on the back cover was made to exact geographical specifications, created using background landscapes and parts of dialogue from all twelve issues as reference. A timeline denoting the Re<Verse Dates accompanies the map.
  • One heretofore unseen city on the map is Scarlet Utopia. This was the name of the city where Emri, Kouen and Shiro encountered the Crimson Chistian and the Shattered Genesis cast in the three-part SG/UR crossover mini-series. Partway into production, it was decided the mini-series did not fit into UR continuity. The city, or at least a parallel version of it, still exists in the Re<Verse, but it was never visited by Emri's group.


  • Souzoku uses the series' tagline "Change is always for the better."
  • In the blooper for issue nine, Emri attempts to cast a Dragon Slave, which is a devastating dark magic attack used by Lina Inverse of Slayers fame. Hence Emri's disappointment; "It works on TV..." This was intended to be an actual scene for the ninth issue, but it never made it into the script.
  • In the outtake for issue four, Jim talks to the Crimson Christian about a "new webcomic I'm developing." This is a reference to CC's role in Evil Jim, which began production nine months after issue four was released.



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