created by Jim Whaley


"You just created me to go on adventures so you'd have some story to tell!
Some story to SELL!"

"Demutatio Semper Potius Est"
Published August 2002
14 pages
Re<Verse date: This issue does not occur in the Re<Verse

Emri Arrojado has a private discussion with her creator.

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  • This issue was made for a special "2K2" anniversary event for the company's 12th anniversary in August 2002. Each of the three series running at the time had non-continuity issues which explored the philosophies behind their plots. In this story, the creator and Emri step outside of Re<Verse continuity and explore the true nature of Emri's purpose and existence as a comic book character.
  • When Jim asks Emri about her parents, it is very close to the dialogue at the end of Vanilla Sky. Jim had not seen the movie prior to writing this issue, and was upset upon finding the close relation to the movie afterward. Coupled with the previous issue's (#6) cliffhanger incident, it caused Jim to feel very spiteful about the fact that nothing is original anymore, even if it really is.
  • The Latin title translates roughly as "Change is always for the better," the series' tagline.


  • The cover of the issue is a parody of the cover on the final volume of the original American VHS release of Neon Genesis Evangelion.



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